SOPHOS Endpoint

With Sophos, Cybersecurity is delivered

Get an instant security operations center with Sophos as a service. Sophos consistently blocks more malware and exploits than competing solutions. High impact server and container security for on-premises, data center, and cloud

SOPHOS Endpoint Protection

Best-in-class endpoint protection against ransomware & zero-day threats, backed by powerful data security.



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  • Intercept X
  • Server
  • XDR



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  • Firewall
  • Zero Trust
  • Wireless
  • Switch

Security Operations


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  • XDR
  • Managed Threat Response
  • Rapid Response
  • Refactr

SOPHOS Authorized Partner

We’ll provide your business with the latest Endpoint protection solution that identifies and blocks malware, infections and zero zero-day attacks before they arrive on your network.

As part of our commitment to provide the best IT security options to our clients, we are proudly partnered with Sophos. Being a partner of Sophos grants us the privilege to sell, install, resell, and support all Sophos products and services, including the popular Sophos XF Firewall and Intercept X endpoint protection. Having Sophos protection on your systems greatly enhances your IT security,the Sophos firewalls actively filter network traffic and reduce intrusion attempts on your server. As an authorized Sophos partner, we’ve got your security solutions covered end-to-end.

Expand your organization’s visibility by incorporating Android,iOS and Chrome OS threat and management data into Sophos XDR. Perform detailed threat hunting and IT ops tasks.

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Built on the World’s Strongest Protection

Starting with protection Sophos saves your analysts valuable time. Machine learning and threat intelligence provide an AI-prioritized risk score for each detection, so it’s easy to identify items that need immediate attention and quickly resolve them. Detections are ranked on a 0-10 scale and include crucial information such as time and description of detection, process name, and hash. With a few clicks you can add detections to an investigation, isolate a device, or pivot to additional information in the Sophos Data Lake. Enrich data by looking up a hash on VirusTotal, the reputation of an IP address on SANS, or by creating your own enrichments with any web service. Collaboration is straightforward with multiple analysts able to assign information and detections to the same investigation offering full context of an incident.