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Dedicated Broadband



Dedicated Speed

Speed Ranging from 3 Mbps to 20 Mbps

Guaranteed Speed

Reliable Wi-Fi

Access Point Included*

Easy Billing

Future Ready

24*7 Support

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SIMPLE Internet

High‐speed internet

Supports cloud‐based computin

Secure bandwidth for VoIP, point‐of‐sale and alarm systems

Guaranteed Speed

Reliable Wi-Fi

Access Point Included

Easy Billing

Future Ready

24*7 Support

Internet Leased Line

Powered by the best network

Tier 1 operator in Uganda with one of the largest IP network

Unmatched Redundancy

Our Upstream services connect over 10Gigabit Fiber backbones in Automatic Failover mode for a redundant

Direct peering

100+ private peering relationships with global IPXs and OTTs.

Robust infrastructure

Unmatched network reach with 200 route kms

Superior Support

Hassle Free Installation, 24*7 support, expert advice on network optimization.

Futute Ready

IPV6 ready, On-cloud DDOS protection available to protect your protect business critical applications